Women Coming Together

Many people joke about how when women get together they can become jealous, competitive and “catty”. Such a negative stereotype certainly ignores the incredible bond and sisterhood that women generally share with each other.

Women experience so many things in life that are common across the board and tend to be common across different cultures and even across age ranges. This is why forming a women’s group can be something amazing for virtually every type of woman out there.

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We Are Back!

It’s been awhile since we posted to Busy Bites.  We’ve been busy and lost track of time as it flew right by.

Karen has been busy with a cross-country move, settling into her new home, her daughter’s wedding on the West Coast and a wedding brunch on the East Coast, as well as serving her bread and butter clients.  The East Coast wedding brunch was somewhat diminished by a major snow storm, but we still had plenty of people there to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

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