Personality Types in a Women’s Group

One’s personality is made of different traits and behaviors that when combined make each of us unique.  It’s our own fingerprint – how people know us, how they experience our presence in this world.

All groups benefit from having different types of personalities participating. This helps to create a strong group.  For example if you only have quiet people, your group will never get off the ground.  In contrast, if everyone’s a talker, there can be pandemonium! Talkers and quiet personalities need to find a balance.  The talker needs to be aware of others in the group and the quiet ones may need to take a risk, step up, and participate.

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Do You Want To Share Your Group With Others?

So many of you out there have written to us about groups you’ve started or are participating in. It’s exciting! So … 

We decided to create a page on our Women’s Group Busy Bites blog to gather information on active women’s groups.  Our community of women on WGBB comes from many parts of the world. 

If you would like to share something about your group with the other women in the community, please send your info to * 

Your Name:  First name is fine

Group Name:  If you have one, share it

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Women Coming Together

Many people joke about how when women get together they can become jealous, competitive and “catty”. Such a negative stereotype certainly ignores the incredible bond and sisterhood that women generally share with each other.

Women experience so many things in life that are common across the board and tend to be common across different cultures and even across age ranges. This is why forming a women’s group can be something amazing for virtually every type of woman out there.

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