Women’s Group in Kenya

Women are resourceful and powerful in their own way. Here is a story I found on the internet about a group of women who recycle items from the dump to make a living for themselves and for their families.

A women’s group living in a Kenyan trash dump is on the verge of setting up a European market to sell the crafts they produce from mounds of steaming, stinking garbage.

We strongly believe that whenever a group of women come together, the world is a better place. Enjoy the article.

Be well,
Karen & Pat

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Compromise vs. Negotiate

Use the word “negotiate” with women and you will see a lot of discomfort surface up.  Women haven’t yet learned the art of negotiation.  The opposite holds true more often with “compromise” as women are subtly encouraged to compromise rather than negotiate.  There is a big difference between the two.

If you review the definitions of compromise and negotiate, you can perceive similarities between the two, yet they are different in their application.

Compromise – to adjust or settle by mutual concessions; to come to agreement by mutual concession; to find or follow a way between extremes.

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How Do You Deal With a Difficult Co-Worker?

Do you enjoy your job but find it difficult to work with certain people? Most people have bumped into someone at work that they just don’t like or find frustrating or annoying to be around. Unfortunately, when faced with a difficult co-worker, we may not know how to best deal with the situation. Maybe you think you have to quit, speak with your manager, or live with your annoyance. Depending on the situation, you do have different options in dealing with difficult co-workers.

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