Happy Mother’s Day

Today in the U.S. it’s a special day to honor all of the “Mothers.”  If you are celebrating Mother’s Day today, share your love generously.

I researched when other countries celebrate “Mother’s Day” and saw that many celebrate today, but almost all countries have a date to honor the role of the importance of a Mother.

We wrote this post last year, and it’s time to remember the three most important roles in mothering: mothering ourselves, honoring our mothers and an awareness of the importance of our roles as mothers.

Mother’s Day Resolutions: A New Tradition

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Motherless Daughters

Lately I’ve been thinking about how we are all someone’s daughters and it is likely that some members of this women’s community have lost their mothers.  Are you one of them?  Do you still feel the gap in your heart from missing this special person? Do you face special occasions where her presence is sorely missing? No matter how many years may have passed, one’s mother is always a part of who we are now. 

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A Note From a Reader

Karen & Pat

Thank you for the information you sent. It is useful and appreciated.

My women’s group is called The Red Tent (Heart of England). You can find info about me actually on the American sister site www.redtentwomensproject.org on the Jan Tchamani page (see under Members). Their leader Eryka Peskin and I just happened to read the same book, “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant, and had the same idea to set up a women’s group where all women – especially vulnerable women – could come and be strengthened, envisioned, etc. and some of my members and I use their website for communication purposes. I also use it to be encouraged by the ladies in the USA, as they’re going great guns and inspire me so much.

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Mother’s Day Resolutions: A New Tradition

As spring approaches, most New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory. Whether you stuck to them for one month, one week, or only one day, the process of making resolutions is important. Taking stock of our lives clears away the cobwebs, and puts many of our goals and dreams back on the table.

While the dawning of a new year challenges us to look at every aspect of our lives, Mother’s Day is about one thing: mothers. Why not use the annual tradition of honoring mothers to set a few resolutions that nurture you, nurture your own mother, and nurture your relationship with your children?

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