Topic: Where In Your Life Are You A Victim?

Many women hold a belief that they are victims in different areas of their lives.   They feel they don’t have control and have to live with situations that are not healthy to them.   For example, an adult relationship that is negative towards them or always being on call with children and husbands.

If there is an area of your life that you chronically complain about…you are playing the victim.   It is a choice and believe it or not, there are goodies to playing a victim.  It’s never all one person’s fault.

Very few people have eradicated all forms of victimhood in their lives as none of us are perfect.    The power in our lives comes with change which allows us to grow stronger and build our “confidence muscles.”  Letting go of playing the victim adds more energy and creativity into your life.

The Victim Mentality” Dr. Thomas J. Nevitt Ph.D on American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists.

Our society is full of people who, through their own limiting beliefs, have settled into becoming victims of their circumstances. They feel powerless to make changes in their lives because they think that the elements of their lives are out of their control.

Group Topic
This is a powerful topic as many women can relate to feeling like a victim.  Depending on the era you were raised in, you may have been taught to be responsive to others and not to think about how to take care of yourself.

Playing the victim could be fully entrenched into your emotions and behaviors and you need to first become aware of the ways you play the victim.   Questions to ask yourself:

  • How often do I complain about the same person or a particular situation?
  • How do I feel when I share my hardships with others and get their sympathy?
  • What areas in my life do I feel I have no control over?
  • Is it better to make peace than be honest?
  • What goodies am I getting by playing the victim?
  • How can I stop playing the victim?
  • When am I willing to start to take full responsibility of my life?
  • and come up with your own questions for the group.

We would love your comments because other women can gain from your discussion or your own change with victimhood.  Women can help each other live fuller lives by sharing our thoughts about letting go of playing the victim or areas we still play the victim.

Be well,

Karen & Pat

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