What Is The Focus Of Your Women’s Group

You’ve already thought about what kind of women’s group to start. Maybe you haven’t crystallized what it will be or what your goals are, but you have some ideas.

Will it be simply a group that gets together to discuss open-ended women-related topics? Will it focus on interpersonal relationships? Will it be all about self-help and personal growth for women?

Do you have a particular activity or hobby you want to share with others? Maybe reading and discussing the latest best-sellers, teaching each other new dishes to cook, going to and discussing plays or movies. What about learning all about investing or improving ones financial health?

Whatever your choice is, it’s just a starting place. You will present it to your prospective members and those that sparkle at the thought will join you on your  journey.

Be well,

Karen & Pat



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  • Girija Says:

    Well i want to form a group of ladies where in the ladies are financially benefited in whatever field
    they are proficient. So would u suggest me a name
    and let me know how to start it.

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