Topic: Let Go of Struggle

Have you been trained to accept “struggle” as a given in your life?    Do you think nothing good comes unless you struggle?

Before you go any further, realize that working hard is not the same as struggle.   Working hard means you are giving it your all and are building either something tangible, knowledge or creating a relationship with a two year old in the middle of “no” stage.  Working hard has been tied with struggle and they are not the same thing.

Struggle is rooted in resistance and that is founded on fear.   Fear clouds our thinking and makes it difficult to move forward in an effortless way.   Another form of fear is ’worry.’   Whatever form of fear you embrace, the more struggle you will have in your life.

Why are we attached to struggle and what is it telling us?  Every area that you struggle in you are holding on to a fear based thought that creates the resistance in your life.

Letting Go of the Mindset of Struggle” by Sen on   This is a long post and filled with many powerful words that help you let go of struggle as a belief in your life.

Look at it this way, whatever your focus is on is what you attract into your experience, so when your focus is on the “lack of money”, and you constantly keep arguing and talking about this lack in your life, it becomes a major part of where your focus is at, and hence the experience you keep re-creating in your reality is that of lack of money. The only way you can break out of this cycle is to consciously let go of this focus, though it may be seem that your mind likes nothing better than to talk about this lack, where you even attract friends which whom you can sit and complain about the lack.

This is a powerful topic for a women’s group.   Since all of us have areas we struggle (weight, relationships, money, and more), discuss how struggle has permeated each of your lives.   Is struggle necessary?   If so, why and if not, how do you let it go?

Help each other build lives that are filled with ease and
find the resources to allow such a life to grow and mature.

Be well,

Karen & Pat

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