Topic: What Is Spirituality?

During different parts of our lives, exploration of our spirituality and what it means to us surfaces and we start to reflect more on it.  Our connection to it can be through an established religious organization or a personal journey on what spirituality means.   Women generally are closer to our inner spirit and yet we don’t always discuss it with others.  It’s a great topic to have in a women’s group.

If you decide on this topic, there is an abundance of reading material on the subject.   For this post, I located another post which feels right for a women’s group discussion.    Does the author’s point feel right, and if so why, and if not, why not.  Is spirituality only attached to an organized religion structure?   Can one actually explore spirituality on their own?

What is Spirituality?” on

The term spirituality or being spiritual is being used quite frequently these days, but what exactly does it mean and how does it relate to life?

Your time together is important and don’t be afraid to tackle the deeper questions around life…spirituality being one of them.   No matter what your group focus, how to live a spiritual based life shows up in all that we do.   If your group is around finances, then how do you invest with integrity and deep spirit with what is right?   If your group is all around parenting, how does spirituality play in the family and in what way do you express it?

The questions are endless and we hope you enjoy the journey.

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Karen & Pat

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  • gyanesh kamal Says:

    spirituality means innovate your can make your life easy,calm and very is a great thinking highly psychological and practical. it is not at all superstition in Hinduism. Our religious readings are very powerful & strong but very easy very practical.

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