How Important Are Your Friends?

Friends are a sanity lifeline for most of us.   Our friendships evolve from the different aspects of our lives…childhood, women we met through our children, church, work and the list is endless.  The important word here is friends.

Yes, we can annoy each other, though somehow it doesn’t matter because we love and appreciate each other.  Friendships are important for our well-being.

Friends make you laugh, listen to you when you’re sad, angry or confused, share the happy moments that bring a smile to your face.    Think about each of your friends and ask “how am I different since knowing this person or what has he/she taught me that has added to my life?”

Eight Tips for Maintaining Friendships” by Gretchen Rubin on

Ancient philosophers and scientists agree: strong social ties are a KEY to happiness. You need close, long-term relationships; you need to be able to confide in others; you need to belong; you need to get and give support.

For us, we honor the value of the women in our lives.  A great topic for a women’s group is how important are your friends?  Where are the friendships in your life?  Do you have time for them?  If not, how can you create the time to connect?

You can make new friendships by starting or joining a women’s group.   We are social beings and friendships provide connections and intimacies that add value to our lives.   Just spending time with a dear friend, talking about everything and nothing special and we feel fulfilled in the moment.

Reach out and treasure your friends today!

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