Do You Need to Declutter?

When you have a women’s group, the range of topics you can discuss is endless.   Everyday issues and profound life questions are all potential discussion points for a group.   A women’s group can be powerful in helping members handle common everyday issues by offering other possibilities…different perspectives.

An everyday issue that lots of people face is how we deal with our space.    Are you happy with the way your space looks?   Do you twinge when you open a draw and can’t find what you want or you see a bunch of keys which you don’t have any idea where they belong.   Resistance is at it’s best here.    What if you were to work together as a group, helping each other start the decluttering process.

Individuals pay good money to work with coaches to help them make changes, build a new career path or develop a stronger relationship with a partner.    If the group works on a topic of decluttering, you can support and keep each other accountable  in ridding unwanted stuff, or organizing a home so you feel more relax and peaceful when you are there.

10 Questions To Help You Declutter” article on is a great tool to use for your group discussion.

One aspect of having a simple home is to keep it free from clutter. While there are varying degrees of this and not everyone chooses to live a minimalist lifestyle, there’s no way to get around the need to declutter regularly as part of your simplifying goal.

Whenever you have a topic that deals with personal issues, it’s important to be respectful when helping others deal with it.   For some, clutter is a big issue and is fueled by other issues.   Maybe the best goal for this person is to clean one draw in the kitchen.   It doesn’t matter how small or large the goal, the real power we offer each other is helping us move forward in our lives.

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Karen & Pat

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