How to Love Your Changing Body

Throughout history women have mainly focused on their bodies and how they look to the outside world.  With so much attention to the body, how do we meet the challenge of the constant body changes? 

When you look at your body, what do you think?

Intellectually, we all know we get older and we all know we are getting older, yet our emotional life is in an uproar when our bodies don’t look the same.  Have you ever looked into the mirror and thought “who is that person?”  In your head you are still quite young, yet the body that reflects back from the mirror is an older, less familiar version.  Do you scrutinize every grey hair or potential wrinkle on the horizon, or have you simply stopped looking?

What is inevitable?
The body changes!  Different areas of our bodies replace cells at varying intervals. Some are replaced every week and others take as long as a year.  We use our bodies, so potentially there is abuse as we go through our daily lives.  Our bodies are exposed to the elements, such as sun, and this environment will have an impact on our bodies.  Whatever the reasons, bodies change.

It is obvious that they change, yet what are your thoughts and feelings about the changes you see and how do you react to them?

What can we change?
Though aging is inevitable, we definitely have control over the process by creating a healthy environment for our bodies.  Lots of women commit to regular exercise, eat healthy as well as emotionally take care of themselves.  This type of activity helps refresh and replenish the body as well as the mind.

Science has afforded women the opportunity to look younger by cosmetic surgery.  Wanting to look younger for as long as possible is a natural feeling and more and more women are electing to have surgery to delay the look of aging.

If you don’t like how your body looks, you can always include a healthy eating plan and lose the extra weight.  We can choose to actively take care of our bodies.

There is an even more important change we can make…

Love It Anyway
The most powerful change we can make is to love ourselves and how we look in this present moment.  I know it sounds simple and it is.  We just have to put in some time and effort to reprogram our thoughts.  Here are some basic tools you can use on a daily basis to love your body, no matter what it looks like.

First, Louise Hay has a great tool called “mirror work.”  Here is how “mirror work” works: Go to your mirror or anytime you pass a mirror, look into your eyes and say “I Love you ____.”  In the blank, insert your name.  For example, if your name is Melinda, you would say, “I Love you Melinda.”  Sounds silly, sounds awkward, sound untrue?  It works!

Find out more about “mirror work” on Louise Hay’s blog:

Second, start a “Gratitude” journal and every day thank your body for doing what it does.  For example, “Body, thank you for getting me to work on time.”  “Body, I love to dance and thank you for helping me have fun.”  In the beginning, it’s usually good to have a specific time, say at the end of the day, where you thank your body for all the help it gave you during the day.  You find your best time and don’t forget to do this.

Whenever you do something new and different, at first you will feel awkward or silly because you are not use to it.  Yet, when you commit to 30 days of non-stop loving thoughts about yourself, you will respect your body for all the wonderful opportunities it affords you.  And you will journey through life’s body changes with a positive belief in yourself.

Final Thoughts
Keep in mind that although our bodies are important to our living, we are not only our bodies.  We are so much more!  Our bodies get us where we need to go, yet we are rich with wonderful ideas, contribute in the work place, help others and give and receive love in our lives.  Let your body be there for you so you can create the life you want and add value to the lives of others.

Be well,
Karen & Pat
maximize the value of the women in your life


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One Response to “How to Love Your Changing Body”

  • Vincent Sylvan Says:

    Throughout history women have mainly focused on their bodies and how they look to the outside world. With so much attention to the body and the intrepid constant thought on the body changes it is no wonder why the main mission of women have been almost forgotten.
    We all know we get old every day, yet our emotional life is in an uproar when our bodies change and we don’t look the same. The reason for that is because we allow our vanity to rule over our knowledge of reality.
    What can we change?
    • The thought that woman is only a sex symbol.
    • The thought that without their eighteen years look women are not valuable enough.
    • The thought that there is nothing of importance other than the thought of youth and physical beauty.
    • The thought that woman is inferior to man.

    I always though woman was very important for the human race for the following reasons.
    • We are born through women.
    • Women are the inspiration to artist, poets, writers, adventurers, gamblers, philosophers, artist etc. etc.
    • God made woman for more than the obvious reason.

    That is why man that hit women are, a) Stupid for staying on a relationship that brings them to that level of anger. b) Stupid for wasting his time instead of trying to find the right woman for them. c) Stupid (again) because violence doesn’t fix anything.

    The world is wrestling trying to find answers specially women. The answers are all around us but we don’t know where to look or how to look. Here are some facts and suggestions to help you,
    • Women are the creators of love.
    • Women are most powerful when they join with the right man, with their one-and-only, with their Soul-Mate.
    • Youth on a woman is not as appealing for the man as he ages, than her understanding of his needs, his weaknesses, his strengths, his virtues etc. As he matures, his love requires much more than physical beauty. Understanding plays then a very important role, in contrast, nagging him too often will make the beauty he sees in his marriage or relationship disappears rapidly.

    Thoughts to Remember
    • We are much more than our bodies.
    • We are rich with wonderful ideas.
    • Contribute to humanity (people of your own kind) and in the work place.
    • Be selfish (my version) give and receive love in your lives.

    My books are designed to help you help yourself (any other type of teaching is fraud) I also have a formula to help you in that quest. As you read them and apply the knowledge, your life will improve greatly as you find the partner and share your life together.

    Life is for the ‘Living’. Of course, you only realize that when you got a taste of it.


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