Your Purpose – Why Do You Want To Start a Women’s Group?

An excerpt from our book “Essentials for Starting a Women’s Group“…(see sidebar for all of the details)

Step back and think about why you want to start a women’s group. There are many approaches to this question. 

Start by thinking about the problems you face in your daily life. Perhaps you are a mother who faces issues raising your children. Maybe you want to have greater control over your finances; or possibly you want to lose some weight, start exercising and lead a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you work from home and want to connect with other work-at-home moms.

Or, you could approach your “why” from a different angle. What are you most interested in? Is it reading, music, theatre, cooking, crafts or even shopping? Do you have a hobby or passion you’d like to share with others? What about learning something new?

Many women’s groups work well with a more amorphous theme. If you are simply interested in getting out of the house to meet some like-minded souls over coffee, that might be your theme – women and coffee. Once the group gets going, you may find that you all are interested in keeping the group focused, in which case you could settle on a somewhat narrower topic, such as “women who meet over coffee to discuss their lives” or “women who meet over coffee to discuss current events.”

When you understand your reasons for starting a group, you have a better chance at setting the groundwork for the type of group that will satisfy your “why.”

Your “why” is what excites you and keeps you going step-by-step through the process
from beginning to end.

ACTION STEP: Create a list (short or long) of all of the reasons you want to start a women’s group. You may have many different reasons that don’t all go together or can’t all be accomplished in one group, and that’s okay. Just list them all so you can see what you truly have in mind.

This list will become the basis of your vision for the group.

Be well,
Karen & Pat
maximize the value of the women in your lives


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