What Can I Gain By Joining a Women’s Group

You may be considering joining a women’s group but are a bit hesitant. Joining any type of group takes a commitment. You must commit your time and energy to such a group. It also requires a mental, emotional commitment on your part. Therefore, you may be asking yourself, is it worth it? What will this group provide to me if I become a member?

Joining a women’s group can offer so much more than you ever thought possible.

You may be thinking of joining a group to expand your circle of friends or possibly to do some networking.

Maybe you want to join a group that involves a hobby that is of interest to you. You will get these things out of your group. But you will also find that this group will provide you with a place where you can relax and let your hair down. A place where you can share ideas and experiences and learn from the ideas and experiences of others.

A women’s group can become like a safe haven to many, where the environment is warm and comforting. You may find that when you are meeting with your group, the other cares and worries in your life disappear during that period of time. You will develop a bond with most, if not all, of the women in the group, which can result in lifelong friendships.

Whereas when you first thought about joining a women’s group, the time commitment may have seemed a little daunting, now you look forward to the next time the group will be meeting. You may even feel like the group does not meet as often as you would like. You start getting excited with anticipation when the next meeting is coming up. You may even start thinking of ideas on what things the group can do together or new places to meet.

One of the many advantages
of being a part of a women’s group is all of the information and helpful hints you can get out of it. Every person has their own experiences and knowledge. When you bring all of that experience and knowledge into one room, there exists a treasure trove from which to draw. You may be looking for a referral to a great doctor, book, repairman, or way to wean a child from a bottle. Chances are that at least one person in your women’s group has just the information you are looking for. You may learn things about taxes, the latest news, home values, etc., from knowledge women in your group. You may even learn about some activity that you never knew existed or have always wanted to try. Coming to the group and chatting with someone who has engaged in this activity may be just the thing to lead you to take on the challenge and adventure for yourself.

Joining a women’s group can end up overwhelming you with how much fulfillment it may bring to your life. You will likely wonder what took you so long to become a part of such a group. This group will become like a special second family to you that you will not want to live without.

Be well,

Karen & Pat
maximize the value of the women in your life

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  • Dr. Reginia Says:

    I am a part of a sorority but I am not at all active. I’ve tried to join other women’s groups via meetup.com but I haven’t found the right fit. I believe active, diverse groups are excellent for networking.

  • Monique Gordon Says:

    I’d like to add something that may help others to begin a women’s group or online group-blog.

    Love in the Gardens of Macantar: A Spiritual Journey of Healing from codependency and relationship addiction
    Lisa Acor Laurel

    This book is a memoir which explores the entire year before the beginning of freedom for Ms. Laurel. Freedom in the sense of no more addiction to relationships with men, drugs, and alcohol. And it portrays her emotional struggle to keep the sanity from destroying her and keep it away from her son. It is Christian faith-based as there are many quotes from Corinthians that has guided her out of her personal hell.

    Ms. Laurel’s story tells a bit about my story. She punctuates much of my own life with her experiences and had me rooting for her saying, “I hear ya sista’!” I don’t label this book as a ‘self-help’. Women need validation for their courage to persue their own inner journey. This book does just that. And this is what I label it, “women-helping-women”. Pick it up. It’s a quick read and you will want to read it over and over again as you persue your own journey of regaining your passions and true happiness.

    Lisa Acor Laurel is a native Long Islander and works in the gardening industry, promotes and practices organic methods, is an avid labyrinth, meditation garden creator, and church participant, and a well-versed writer, this being the first of several books to come. She holds CASAC certification and studied acupuncture at NYI of Chinese Medicine. You may visit her online at http://www.spirit-renewal.com.

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