Taking Ownership for Starting the Women’s Group

Taking ownership means embracing the fact that you are the driving force propelling your women’s group forward. It means you are going to take on this job and do it well. It doesn’t mean that you need to do all of the work yourself, nor do you need to be overly aggressive about it; rather, you need to keep your vision in front of you and remind the members of the women’s group what your vision is all about.

What is important is the value of joining together and the value of being a part of this new venture. 

It’s funny but you will forever be seen as the leader of the group, even when other members surface up and actively participate in the growth and direction of the group. You started it. You were willing to take your idea and move it forward as a gift for yourself and others. What a wonderful way to make a difference to all who join you.

Just this small difference in their lives will impact their families and friends in very subtle, yet positive ways. These changes will spread to have an impact on the way they communicate with their neighbors and participate in their communities. And when people grow and communities change for the better, their countries and ultimately the world have been affected in a most positive way.

All because you had a vision and wanted to share it.

Karen & Pat
maximize the value of the women in your life

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