Women’s Group: A Second Family

A fortunate thing about a women’s group is that there is always someone to spill your guts to, listen wholeheartedly, tell it like it is, and to carry you through to the next stage of your life. At some point, the group becomes your second family and telling the members your deepest darkest secrets and intimacies comes naturally.

It has been said that humor is one of the best cures for what ails you. If that’s the case, a women’s group can accommodate that need as well. If prayer and meditation is something that guides you, a group can lift you up and be there to listen—the key word being listen.

It’s not about keeping things inside; it’s about opening up to the group and exposing your feelings. By doing so, you are healing yourself with the help of your women friends. Your second family will be there when you need them the most without all the complexities that may exist within your primary family members. Sometimes an outside perspective is just what you need.

What Do You Think?
How important are the women in your life?   Was there a significant time where they were there for you?   Can you see the value of a group of women in your life?  

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