Plant the Seed and Watch It Grow

Spring is a perfect time to plant seeds…

Whenever you gather women together, it’s a way to honor female relationships. The group’s energy is powerful and developing this energy with a solid vision can build stronger lives for everyone. A group can accomplish more together than individuals can do on their own. The world has more possibilities when we join together as a group to nurture ourselves and others.

In its early stages of a group, you may not be aware of all the tiny seeds of interaction that are being planted to help form the group. Over time, these seeds of connection, watered with commitment and respect, blossom into strong and nurturing relationships within the group.

Not everyone is able to connect with each other at the same level, yet the whole is greater than the individual relationships. Some will get along naturally and easily with each other while others will remain more protective of themselves. Some will form relationships with each other outside the confines of the group and others will maintain relationships only within the group. As the group comes together and bonds, you travel together in spirit no matter where you go and how you get there.

As seasoned group members, we recognize that the simple act of coming together forms the bond. Along the way, you make adjustments, but the decision to connect is automatic. Create the space for women to come together to focus all their energies on a topic and the outcome will be powerful. Women are strong, and when they focus their energies, anything can be accomplished.

Karen & Pat
maximize the value of the women in your life

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