Sharing Brings Growth

Who really are these women? What do they each represent? Will they judge me for the life I lead? Will they criticize me for the opinions I express? Do I fit in? Will they like me?

When you first join a women’s group, it’s both exciting and a bit scary. You may be hesitant to participate at first and certainly will wonder about the other members in the group. This kind of concern might prevent you from making the most of your women’s group experience. Not to worry – you’ll get the hang of it soon.

It’s important to remember that all those who join a women’s group are there to support each other and to share their experiences. You will come to understand that even a criticism is meant to be helpful or constructive. Those in a well-run group will understand that not all members view things in the same way and that everyone has a uniqueness to their lives and choices. In fact, differences are welcomed in a women’s group – if we were all exactly the same, how would we learn from each other and grow?

Sharing is the one way women in a group learn from each other. Sharing entails participation. It requires you to give of yourself, to open yourself up and to take a risk by putting yourself out there. It also involves the ability to receive from others, to listen well, to take in what others are saying and feeling.

It might be a bit daunting to open up at first. Just try it – take a few baby steps and see how the other members react. More likely than not, you’ll find that they are incredibly supportive and helpful. These small steps will help you understand that opening up won’t lead to any hurt, but will in fact help you along. Taking this chance will give you the courage to share more of your experiences and opinions, which in turn will help you and everyone else to develop and mature.

When another member shares her experiences, it’s important to pay close attention. Listen to the events that happen in her life and notice her reactions to these events. It is quite possible that her analysis may not be the same as yours. She offers a different view to you thereby enriching your experience and allowing you to expand your universe.

Healthy discourse and disagreement is also a great way to learn. There’s no way that everyone will agree on every single issue and there’s not always a right and a wrong. Pay attention to how others react to and interpret things. Different thoughts or ideas can have varied meanings for other women and considering our differences is yet another way to learn and grow. You might pick up a few new tips on analysis or interpretation!

It is only by sharing our experiences with each other that we can grow. What might be very obvious for me, might not be so for you. So when I relate my experiences, you will learn something new; and when you comment on my thoughts, I will gather something that I may have overlooked. Everyone’s ideas seep into our consciousness and become a part of who we are. So we share, we learn and we grow.

A single life is not enough to learn everything there is. Imagine a world where we could only learn from our own lives and our own mistakes – such a world would be very limiting indeed. It is only by sharing our experiences and drawing from our collective wisdom that we can make the most of our lives.

Karen & Pat
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