Change Your Life: Start a Women’s Group

Whether you are someone with a full, active life or with very little going on in your everyday life, you likely feel like there is something missing from your days.  For many women, that hole can be filled by being a part of a women’s group. So if you have a void in your life, why not be proactive and start a women’s group of your own?

Although it may feel safe and easier to simply find a women’s group that is already in existence, you will gain so much more by starting your own group from scratch. What will you gain?

**For starters, you will have an incredible sense of self-accomplishment and self-pride by being someone who felt something missing and did something about it.

**You will be able to pat yourself on the back for taking that risk and making the effort to start a group and fine tune.

**You will be able to look back after the group has been established and know that you are the person who made it all happen. That feeling of self-validation can do wonders for one’s self-esteem.

**It also proves to yourself that you can do something like that, which can be quite a liberating feeling. This proves that you can do other things as well.

**As a result, you will likely take on the challenge of other adventures and experience things in life that you never dreamed would ever enter your realm of possibilities.

Aside from the sense of accomplishment you will get from starting a women’s group, you will also end up creating a new circle of good friends. In fact, many if not all of the women in your group will end up becoming lifelong friends, as the bond that you create in your special group will set these friendships apart from other friendships with less strong ties holding them together.

These types of groups are also great for networking opportunities which will happen naturally. As the group of women gets together and different issues come up, one member or other may have either an opportunity or referral that is just what you are looking for. One of the most wonderful things about a women’s group is how much it enriches the lives of every member of the group. Each person tends to get something out of it they may be missing.

**It could be socialization or adult interaction for a new mom who spends all of her waking moments, and half-asleep moments as well, tending to a baby and speaking baby talk.

**It could be the same sort of socialization and interaction for an older woman who recently became widowed and is lonely.

**For others, it can be a place where they get helpful tips on anything from how to make a tasty recipe in a crockpot, how to deal with unruly teenagers, a referral for the best gardener or pool maintenance company in town, or about the quality of the new restaurant down the street.

As the founding member of this group, you get to be on the inside track for all of the great pieces of information that come out of the group. Perhaps even more important, as the one who has created and runs the group, you get to determine when the group meets and where. Being the leader rather than the follower, as much as it may take more effort, often reaps the most benefits and rewards.

Karen & Pat

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2 Responses to “Change Your Life: Start a Women’s Group”

  • Patty Says:

    I am in my 60′s. We (hubby, dog and myself) just moved here in Gilbert, AZ.
    I miss my get-togethers with girl friends and our card playing and wonderful chats. We all took turns once a month at each others house. I am having a hard time finding such a group.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Pat Says:

    Hi Patty
    I definitely know what it is like to leave behind good friends and good times.

    We strongly believe that life is just better when we have women in our lives to share each day.

    Have you thought about starting a group…ask around to see if someone would love to join a card playing group. It’s amazing how people are so ready for a get together but don’t think about starting one, though eager to join one.

    Just a thought. I wish you the best in your new home.

    Thanks for sharing.


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