Women Coming Together

Many people joke about how when women get together they can become jealous, competitive and “catty”. Such a negative stereotype certainly ignores the incredible bond and sisterhood that women generally share with each other.

Women experience so many things in life that are common across the board and tend to be common across different cultures and even across age ranges. This is why forming a women’s group can be something amazing for virtually every type of woman out there.

When forming or becoming a member of a women’s group, the first thing you should probably ask yourself is: What do we as women have to offer other women? This can be answered with an even better question: What don’t we as women have to offer to other women? Just think about that!

When women get together, the inevitable result is an environment of sisterhood where people can freely share their experiences, desires and woes. They can get helpful hints from other members of the group and even provide a few themselves. There’s so much that can come out of meeting with a group of women even once. But it’s much better when it’s once a week or even just once a month. It truly seems a shame that there aren’t more women’s groups out there.

There are so many different types of women’s groups that can be formed to meet specialized needs or tastes. From a simple playgroup to a highly focused goal oriented group, there is certainly something (and probably a number of things) out there for each one of us. Start thinking about what and how you’d like to share with other women.

• Playgroup for Moms and Young Children
• Book or Movie Discussion Groups
• Savings Club, Investing Club, Money Management Groups
• Recipes and Cooking Club
• Self Help Groups
• Personal Growth Groups
• Women’s Fellowship Groups
• Open Topic Discussion Groups
• Honor Our Role as Women to our Families, Society, etc.
• Activity Groups – based on a hobby or a sport shared by all
• Learning Groups
• Problem Solving Groups
• Prayer or Spirituality Groups
• Single Parents, Widowed Women
• Mothers and Daughters
• Women in Transition
• Young Mothers
• Grandmothers Only
• Working Women – Survival as a Workaholic
• Thirty-Somethings, Forty-Somethings

The list is endless!

Whichever type of women’s group you decide to become involved with, you can be sure that you’ll always look forward to the next group meeting. Why? Because you’ll be developing a new network of acquaintances, some of whom will become fast friends and others that will turn into lifelong friendships. These will be women you have something special in common with, women you will share with and women you will learn from and teach at the same time.

Your time in the meetings will be filled with empathy and support for each other. And you will have become a part of something bigger than yourself that will allow you to continue to learn and grow as a person.

Karen & Pat

2 Responses to “Women Coming Together”

  • Nikki Says:

    Hi Pat & Karen,
    I would love to start a business group to help women in business. Can you help me with some suggestions on how to do this. I see so many women without the confidence and selfworth in business and I know if they had some where to go to inspire them their business would soar.
    Thank you,

  • Pat Says:

    Hi Nikki
    What a great idea! Did you sign up for our 9 Steps to Starting a Women’s Group? If not, then sign up in the upper right-hand corner.

    Starting a women’s group entails your vision, reaching out to other women, and setting up guidelines to insure that you create a respectful environment for everyone.

    The women in the group will participate in the creation of the group…you just need to follow your vision and do the initial leg work.

    If you have a specific question, let me know.


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