We Are Back!

It’s been awhile since we posted to Busy Bites.  We’ve been busy and lost track of time as it flew right by.

Karen has been busy with a cross-country move, settling into her new home, her daughter’s wedding on the West Coast and a wedding brunch on the East Coast, as well as serving her bread and butter clients.  The East Coast wedding brunch was somewhat diminished by a major snow storm, but we still had plenty of people there to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Pat has been busy with her bookkeeping business – adding new clients as well as a very hectic tax season.  Though it is great to have a strong business, it does take time and energy to build it up and keep it humming.

We got sidetracked with many different projects and now we are back! We intend to pay attention to and strengthen this women’s community.

Either you have found your way to our blog through the free e-book “9 Steps to Starting a Women’s Group” or because of a post we wrote that interested you.   We are certainly glad you’ve become part of this community. Don’t be shy … we’d love to hear from you!

Going forward we plan to provide you with creative and hopefully provocative writing that adds value to your lives.  If you are currently part of a women’s group or plan to start one, all our posts are great topics for a women’s group setting.

We believe that women naturally bond together and what better way to enhance our lives than come together on a regular basis with other women.

Our very successful Women’s Group has been going now for over 13 years.  Yes!  If you spoke to each member, you’d find out that we share different perspectives about what each of us has gained by being a member, yet what we all share is that we constantly learn a lot from each other. We’re always growing. That’s the wonderful nature of being a part of a women’s group.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Karen & Pat


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