A Very Hot Topic

Whether you look online, turn on the television, or pick up a newspaper, you are likely to see something on global warming.  Global warming is a “hot” topic.

Do you believe in global warming?  Many people around the world are concerned about the effects of global warming.

There are two main areas of information around global warming. First is the negative affect that global warming is having on our planet, such as coastal flooding, erratic weather, and the concern around the viability of our planet.  Second is the discussion around prevention of global warming.

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Even You Can Exercise If You Think Small

We all know that exercising is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Yet…do we do it?  What if you could give yourself permission to start small in your exercising efforts…and still feel good about yourself?

Exercise is essentially movement using various muscle groups.  By this definition, almost any sort of activity can be considered exercise.  The more your muscles and body work to keep going, the stronger they become.

There are many benefits to exercising, such as increased energy, weight loss, and even reducing the risk diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

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Do You Believe In The Law of Attraction?

The movie “The Secret” made popular the ‘law of attraction’. The movie focused on the power of our thoughts and how they impact our lives.  This is not a new concept.  Throughout history, successful people understood the power of attracting what they wanted into their lives.

Not everyone believes in the power of the ‘law of attraction.’  Are you a believer or are you skeptical about the ‘law of attraction’ because you feel it’s not realistic?  Reality is akin to perception.  Perception is a choice, not a fact.  How do I know that?  Look around – does everyone think alike?  I don’t think so.  If perception was a fact, then all of us would share the same views.

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Mother’s Day Resolutions: A New Tradition

As spring approaches, most New Year’s resolutions are a distant memory. Whether you stuck to them for one month, one week, or only one day, the process of making resolutions is important. Taking stock of our lives clears away the cobwebs, and puts many of our goals and dreams back on the table.

While the dawning of a new year challenges us to look at every aspect of our lives, Mother’s Day is about one thing: mothers. Why not use the annual tradition of honoring mothers to set a few resolutions that nurture you, nurture your own mother, and nurture your relationship with your children?

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Take Time for Your Health

Spring is here and the trees are bloosoming with beautiful fragrant flowers.   It reminds us how each year the earth brings forth new growth.  It’s a great time to spring forward with your health.   To find the energy to take care of yourself.   

Why not take control of your health and life now? We found a few products that can keep your focus on your well-being during the holidays.

Oprah had on three great guests: Dr. Christiane Northrup and Drs. Michael F. Roizen and Melmet C. Oz. The information that they provided to millions of people was powerful. All three of these doctors were addressing ways to care for your self.

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Increasing Self-Esteem

Every person wants to improve his or her self-esteem. The main issue is that most people are unclear about how to go about improving it. In fact, it is easier for most people to damage their self-esteem than to build it. Unconsciously, we decrease the image of ourselves through negative thinking. Negative thoughts diminish or even destroy our own self-image.

Below are some ideas on how one can improve his or her self-esteem.

Make a list of all your accomplishments

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How Do You Deal With a Difficult Co-Worker?

Do you enjoy your job but find it difficult to work with certain people? Most people have bumped into someone at work that they just don’t like or find frustrating or annoying to be around. Unfortunately, when faced with a difficult co-worker, we may not know how to best deal with the situation. Maybe you think you have to quit, speak with your manager, or live with your annoyance. Depending on the situation, you do have different options in dealing with difficult co-workers.

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Are Your Bones Talking To You?

Do you think about your bones?  They are essential to our health and provide vital functions to sustain life and keep us active.  We probably all take our bones for granted which can cause problems later in life.

One of the most obvious functions of our bones is the body structure.  Our body is built around our skeletal frame. Without bones our body would have no structure and would have an extremely difficult time functioning.  To maintain this healthy structure it is important to take care of our bones.

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Be Your Own Valentine

Do you remember sending valentines when you were a child? Can you recall the construction paper-covered shoebox, decorated with glitter and doilies, full of tiny valentines and heart candies? Or perhaps the first serious Valentine’s Day gifts you received, or your first delivery of one dozen red roses?

Receiving a Valentine’s Day gift is a magical experience. It makes people smile, sometimes even feel a bit giddy. After all, this holiday is not about obligatory gifts. When you receive a Valentine’s Day gift, you know the giver cares about you.

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The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution: Doing Nothing

As the New Year approaches, you may already have a short list of habits you would like to break, goals you would like to reach, and other changes you would like to see in your life. You may even have your resolutions written down and posted on the fridge next to your jam-packed calendar, grocery lists and to do lists.

New Year’s resolutions serve a useful purpose: they help us to reflect on our lives and make commitments to create positive changes. But they can also be overwhelming for busy moms who barely have any time to handle the everyday tasks of life.

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