What Does It Mean To Be A Woman?

Is there any one definition that best describes what it means to be a woman?   I know we share many physical similarities, yet even there we also differ…some bigger, some smaller.

Here are definitions on www.dictionary.com and Merriam-Webster isn’t that different.   Does this describe who you are as a woman?

1. the female human being (distinguished from MAN)
2. an adult female person
3. a female attendant to a lady of rank
4. a wife
5. the nature, characteristics, or feelings often attributed to women; womanliness.
6. a sweetheart to paramour; mistress
7. a female employee or representative
8. a female person who cleans house, cook, etc.; housekeeper
9. women collectively:  Woman is no longer subordinate to man

As women, we each express ourselves in our own unique ways, communicating to others what is important to us.  Some of us are comfortable with tradition, while others of are busy cutting out new roads.  What’s important is that we honor our “womanhood.”

What’s your definition of being a woman? 
Do you automatically think of the many roles you play as a woman:  daughter, sister, friend, wife, partner, mother, worker, volunteer, organizer and more?  Our roles don’t really tell us what it means to be a woman.  We need to dig deeper and explore what we like about each of the roles and start to understand what’s important to us.    There may be roles that we really don’t like, yet feel we have to subject ourselves to them because we are a woman and that is our role.  Is that part of being a woman?

Is nurturing of others our natural habitat or have we been trained by society to take care of others.   And, does it matter?  What if you not the nurturing type…does that make you less a woman?   Is there a war between traditional vs. feminist’s women?  Are we more vulnerable as woman?

No matter what our age, we all have experience being a woman.    Have you ever thought what it means to you?  We share many commonalities with other women and have laughed and cried together when the experiences were potent.

The other evening I (Pat) went to a local production of Menopause and laughed along with hundreds of other women around the experience of going through menopause to the music of the 50 & 60’s — baby boomers type of music.   That’s a shared experience at a community level.  Yet each of us that pass through menopause has our own stories to share.  Some women breeze through while others suffer horribly with hot flashes, forgetfulness, irritability and other difficult reactions. 

Even with our differences, sharing our daily experiences with other women adds richness and depth to each of our lives.  This would be a great topic for a women’s group gathering—a way to honor each of our contributions to the world of “womanhood.”

Do you like being a woman?   Are you different today because of your connections with other woman?  What does being a woman mean to you?

We would love you to share your thoughts on being a woman.

Karen & Pat

In The Limelight

Jan, from UK, graciously allowed us to share her thoughts around her group.   She also sent along a picture to share with everyone.     Check out their picture along with her comments.

9 Responses to “What Does It Mean To Be A Woman?”

  • Abigail Says:

    Being a woman is more than what the world defines…being a woman is found in the essence of a mother loving her child…a sister loving her fellow siblings…a friend ready to lend a hand when others are in need…a woman is so complex she cannot be fully defined…

    Come and celebrate what it means to be a woman!

  • Graciela Says:

    A woman is beauty. She spreads wisdom and love. She is helpful, kind, compassionate, and understanding. She is dedicated to growth and expanding her wings to cover her children, friends, family and community. A woman who is confident and knows who she is, and what place she holds in her world aspires to all of the above.

  • Genny Jones Says:

    What does it mean to be woman?

    W – Wonderful and bewutiful
    O – Optimistic
    M – Multi tasking
    A – Articulate
    N – No one can stop her!

  • Denise Poynter Says:

    Hi there, being a woman to me means a world where other like-minded women know what I am thinking, are on my ‘wave length’, and have the same commitment to human-kind that I have. There’s a sort of a secret magical wisdom that we all share when we get together, you can tell by the laughter and the smiles. For me it goes deeper than that as well, most of the women I am closest to, seem to share the same kind of spirituality that I have. I love your articles and the message you give, keep up the fabulous job of connecting and supporting women world-wide. Love Denise

  • nail art products Says:

    yes, there is… a woman is everything for a man in love… that is one description of a woman…

  • Pat Says:

    Today, we shared a “goodbye” lunch with one of the member of our women’s group…she is moving from New York to Las Vegas. As we sat around laughing and sharing our normal stories, I thought it was so wonderful to be a women and have all the other women a part of my life.

    The member leaving is an original member of our group – almost 13 years together. She leaves us with so many wonderful memories, insights and good old fashion fun, and we are all better women for having her a part of our group.

    Being a woman is complex sometimes. Yet, sitting around that table today it was so simple to express our love for this dear person…that is the great part of being a woman.

    Thanks all for sharing.


  • Iceland Imprevert Says:

    a woman to me is a strong individual who can accomplish anything she sets her to. A pioneer,a educator, a mom, a wife, a diva and a scholar.

  • Oils and soaps Says:

    If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant’s life, she will choose to save the infant’s life without even considering if there are men on base~~Dave Barry

  • PaulaDevi Says:

    By nature a woman is a nurturer whether to family or friends. A woman is born with a nature that is strong, empathetic, juicy, fierce, and daring. Sadly, for millennium our fundamental natures have been denied to us and over time we forgot who we are. Every woman shares the goddess archetype, whether it is buried deep within or is a conscious part of her life. All of us need to recognize that we aren’t only what the world tell is. We need to listen to our intuition and find the goddess within. We are limitless.

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