A Note From a Reader

Karen & Pat

Thank you for the information you sent. It is useful and appreciated.

My women’s group is called The Red Tent (Heart of England). You can find info about me actually on the American sister site www.redtentwomensproject.org on the Jan Tchamani page (see under Members). Their leader Eryka Peskin and I just happened to read the same book, “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant, and had the same idea to set up a women’s group where all women – especially vulnerable women – could come and be strengthened, envisioned, etc. and some of my members and I use their website for communication purposes. I also use it to be encouraged by the ladies in the USA, as they’re going great guns and inspire me so much.

We’ve had a variety of meetings so far, including a meal out, cinema trip, coffee in Birmingham (UK) city centre handing out info about our group, and the occasional planning meeting. This coming Saturday we’re running a therapy day, as several of us have skills (e.g. therapeutic drumming, head massage, therapeutic poetry-writing, photography in the local park) and we’ve invited another women’s group to join us as well, to build bridges.

Other ideas we have are:
1. Trip to the seaside in August
2. Baby shower
3. Doing 60-minute makeovers on members’ homes
4. Multi-cultural food, music and dance (including belly-dancing)
5. Sending a delegation to visit the Lady Mayoress for tea to talk about our vision and the needs of local women

It seems to me there are 2 worlds: the world of men, and the world of women.  I know which I’d rather belong to!

Wishing you every success with your ventures,
Jan Tchamani
Project Director
The Red Tent (Heart of England)


I’m attaching a photo of some of us at our meeting in April, which you may use if you wish. I’m the lady on the left of the photo. The red scarves are a way of having a group identity without a uniform, and also for new members to find us if we meet out in public.

My best wishes
Jan (Tchamani)

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