10 Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you contented with your life with the ways things are, or are you seeking more insight and understanding around what is important to you?

Do you allow yourself to play with the thought that there is something deeper and more meaningful for you to express in this lifetime?

We all are faced with problems and sometimes they are all we seem to have.   We have left behind our ability to dream, yet that ability still lives within us, even if we block them with our ‘to do’ lists.

Are you open to just asking the questions?

1.   What do I want?

The question of the ages. So many things you want to do with your life and yet you feel there is so little time to add them to your day.  Create a “101 Things I Want” List.   Once a week, take out the list and read about what you want.  Don’t worry about doing everything…just create the list and read it once a week.

Then take small steps towards incorporating what you want into your life.  Make it a priority to do something you want each day…no matter how small.   You will be amazed how you will attract what you want.

2.   Do I want to change?

Ask yourself the tough question…do I want to change.   Change can be scary because maybe we will have to give up the belief that we can’t get want we want.   Yet, when we give up our old beliefs and replace them with our desires and abilities to create our lives, we will feel much better about ourselves.   Change takes commitment…even if it is to do something small.   Actually…keep it small and each day, make a commitment to one small action item…very small.

3.   What’s the bright side?

When a challenging situation occurs in our lives, we can ask ourselves why is this happening to me.  We can learn something from every experience.  To learn more about ourselves, ask to see the positive lesson in the experience.   This information will help you create a stronger life for yourself.

4.  Am I comfortable with what I’m doing?

This is a great time to review what you are doing and capturing what works and doesn’t work for you in your life today.    You can add to your “101 Things I Want,” areas that you want to change.

5.   Have I done enough for myself?

A powerful question!   Discontentment comes from not taking care of you.  Did you make that doctor’s appointment, did you take that walk on the beach, or complete something that is hard to do, but important for you.   Think of small ways you can do for yourself.  Your intention can be to feel good about yourself.

6.   Am I happy at where I am today?

Yes, you want to change “stuff” in your life, but are you happy where you are at this moment in time.    Find something that brightens you at this very moment.

7.  Am I Physically In Tune With Myself?

Do you listen to your body?  If so, what is it saying to you?    Whether you shape-up, change the way you wear your clothes or hair, or even your attitude towards people, you can stop long enough to listen to your body.  Your body tells you what you need to know about yourself.  Trust it.

8.   How much could I have?

How much do you want?   Really want!   We say we want things but underneath sits our belief that we can’t have it.   So how much could you have?   As much as you want.  Take your “101 Things I Want” list and start a plan, and choose one item on the list…no matter how small.  Work towards want you want.

9.   What motivates me?

What motivates you?   What’s your ‘why’ in life?   Why do you do the things you do?   What helps you get out of the bed each day and move forward in your life?   Sit quietly, ask this question, and just write down all your answers.   Write at least 10 different ways you are motivated.

10.  What Am I Willing To Do Today To Be Happy?

Create a list of ways that you can be happy each day.  Some people have gratitude journals, others take the time to speak with family or friends, while still others, take a long leisurely bath to sooth the body and soul.    Each day we make a choice to be happy or not.

Final Thought

Don’t concern yourself what others do…be all you can be!

Karen & Pat

6 Responses to “10 Questions To Ask Yourself”

  • women inspirations Says:

    Thanks for these questions. I’m not yet that contented in life, I know I have to strive more for my future.

  • Pat Says:

    Some days I’m more contented than others and that is part of my life. I fully accept that each day is unique and I too continue to strive for contentment with the day as it unfolds.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Regina Says:

    Thanks for these questions. Right now these are the main things I am asking myself. I am not totally content where I am today and have so many aspects of my life to get control of. I guess you have to know yourself and know what you want in order to really answer those questions.

  • Pat Says:

    Hi Regina
    A slow replay…missed your share.

    No matter how old you are, you will be asking questions. We don’t package ourselves in to something neat and tidy. Rather we continue to discover or uncover parts of ourselves.

    Have fun asking the questions.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Oils and soaps Says:

    you said. “Discontentment comes from not taking care of you.”… i think discontentment comes more from the way we see the things that we have achieved.
    if we think it’s enough, we’ll be satisfied, if we don’t see it as enough, we are either disappointed, either we will start again the next day trying much harder

  • kintster Says:

    Now is 2010 whats new? do you have anything in mind this 2010? What is your new years resolutions? Another year, another new years resolution hmmm, every year do I need to write my new years resolution again what do you think? well its better to write to remember lol.

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