All About Self-Defense

Do you feel you can protect yourself if attacked?  Most women walk around with a low-grade fear that someone may attack them and they would be helpless to defend themselves.

Every woman needs to learn how to defend herself.  This knowledge is important and can be life saving.  Here are some statistics that will heighten your awareness of your vulnerability as a woman in today’s society.

• Every two minutes, some woman, some place within the United States, is being raped.  That is 30 women every hour!  We don’t have the statistics for other countries, though the essence is not the numbers but rather the full understanding that women are vulnerable to being attack.

• Women are 6 times more likely to be attacked by someone they know (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

• Check out RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) for up-to-date statistics (

• ( – This non-profit organization has created the 5 D’s of Self-Defense.  Their mission is to provide self-defense instruction to populations at risk…women are on that list.

All of this should highlight the importance of having a well thought out plan and strategy for defending yourself in any given situation.

How do you take charge of your body?  It’s natural to defend yourself.  Playing victim doesn’t help you survive.  Yet in order to be effective in your defense you need to create a system and be prepared.  You will have a split second to decide what to do, so that’s why knowledge is power.

We did some research for you and hope that it stimulates you into action – learn how to defend yourself.  Check out the information below.

Dr. Ruthless Self-Defense for Every Woman – see her UTube video on self-defense.  You can learn more from her website:  She also has a Link Section to other resources on self-defense.  ( – This non-profit organization has created the 5 D’s of Self-Defense.  Their mission is to provide self-defense instruction to populations at risk…women are on that list.

Take time to research potential sources for training.  Local schools, YWCA and martial arts studios are great places for self-defense classes.  Check out your local fitness center to see if they can provide you with information about self-defense classes.

Basic Tips

• Don’t put yourself in a dark environment – short cuts to home aren’t safe if they are isolated.

• Travel in numbers.

• Keep alert to your surroundings.

• Listen to your body as it sends you signals for your own safety.  Have you ever felt wary of someone…didn’t know what it was but just didn’t feel right?  Trust your instincts and be alert.

• Look confident.  This is important because you send out signals to the potential attacker as to whether you are the right victim for them.

• Use your body as a weapon – your hands, elbows, knees, teeth and feet are perfect for defending yourself.  Learn how to use these body parts for your own safety.  Learn where and how to hit your attacker.

• Don’t always be the “nice person” as people prey on others.  If a man comes up to you with a cane or limping and asks for help to the car, don’t do it.  Tell him that you don’t talk to strangers.

• Useful alarm time – see how you can use your car alarm as your home alarm – check out Car Alarms More Useful Than You Thought at this website:

This is a serious issue for women and one that we can no longer pretend doesn’t exist.  The subject matter elicits anxiety in most women and we would rather not think about it.  But we should.

Use this anxiety to learn how to defend yourself – practice a system of self-defense.  Remember, you only have a split second to decide what to you.  If you have a system in place, you can use that second to your advantage.

If you have other ideas that you can share with this women’s community, feel free to add your comments on Women’s Group Busy Bites blog.

Karen & Pat

Be Your Own Bodyguard for Women – Self Defense – DVD

The course takes place in real life scenarios: on the street, out and about, at the car, at home, etc. You will learn from Robert Cabral, a police tactics instructor and personal security specialist with more than 20 years of experience.

See Sally Kick Ass:  A Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety by Fred Vogt – This book revolves around the 4 A’s:  Attitude, Awareness, Avoidance and Action with lots of guidance to keep you safe. 

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