Are You Asking Yourself The Right Questions?

During our journey through life we ask many questions.  What is the direction of your questions?  Are they external or internal?

External questions direct us towards what others want from us.  Internal questions allow us to listen to what we want.

There are so many areas in your life that you need to ask questions about: relationships, friendships, family, careers, children, money, and sex.  Let’s focus on one very important area: you!

Is it revolutionary or selfish of you to focus your life questions towards what your heart tells you is important for your own well-being?  What if you were to ask questions around what is important to you?  Does that make you uncomfortable?

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All About Self-Defense

Do you feel you can protect yourself if attacked?  Most women walk around with a low-grade fear that someone may attack them and they would be helpless to defend themselves.

Every woman needs to learn how to defend herself.  This knowledge is important and can be life saving.  Here are some statistics that will heighten your awareness of your vulnerability as a woman in today’s society.

• Every two minutes, some woman, some place within the United States, is being raped.  That is 30 women every hour!  We don’t have the statistics for other countries, though the essence is not the numbers but rather the full understanding that women are vulnerable to being attack.

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De-Cluttering and Organizing Your Bathroom

When you look at your bathroom, is it clean and organized?  Are you hiding all the clutter in the medicine cabinet or in under-the-sink storage?  Bathrooms seem to attract lots of small items like makeup, medicine bottles, hair accessories, razors, hairbrushes, lotion, shampoo, product samples and the list goes on. 

Finding what you need as well as removing old products can be challenging.  Here are a few simple ideas to help you create more space and be more organized.

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