Are Your Bones Talking To You?

Do you think about your bones?  They are essential to our health and provide vital functions to sustain life and keep us active.  We probably all take our bones for granted which can cause problems later in life.

One of the most obvious functions of our bones is the body structure.  Our body is built around our skeletal frame. Without bones our body would have no structure and would have an extremely difficult time functioning.  To maintain this healthy structure it is important to take care of our bones.

Bones are there to protect many vital organs.  The heart is protected behind a series of bones and the lungs are protected by the rib cage.  Vital organs can be at risk if the protective bones are weakened.

Another important function of our bones is to anchor muscle tissue. Your muscles are attached to bones to keep them stationary. Weak bones can lead to muscle injury.  Muscles can tear away from the bones causing unnecessary pain and loss of physical activity.

Finally, good bone health is essential for the prevention of osteoporosis.  This condition causes the bones to become porous and weak.  If the condition worsens, bones become extremely brittle and are much more prone to injury and breakage.  This can cause pain and loss of quality of life.  By practicing good bone health, the risk of osteoporosis and conditions similar can be reduced.

Natural Remedies for Bone Health

Bone health was something that was neglected in past years but in the last decade there has been an increase in concern.  More and more cases of reported osteoporosis have many doctors and patients devising programs for improved life long bone health.

If you are older, do you feel that it is too late to do anything?  It is true that maximum bone density is reached when we are young, yet we still need to take care of our bones.  Even those suffering from osteoporosis can improve their conditions quite significantly with diet, medication and exercise.

There are several natural remedies to help improve bone health. One such remedy is exercise.  Anything you do that works against gravity will help build bone density.  Weight lifting is generally one of best methods of doing this.  Other exercises such as jogging, cycling and aerobic are excellent as well.  These exercises actually stress the bone in a positive way.  This causes new bone tissue to be built increasing the density.  It is important to remember that when you exercise, make sure to exercise your whole body.  This way all of your bones get the benefit of exercise.

There are several dietary choices that a person can make to help build bone health.  Dairy products such as milk and cheese are rich in calcium that helps to build new bone tissue.  Fruits and vegetables as well as soy products are also known to produce bone-building properties.

Good bone health is essential for a good quality of life.  Even though bones are formed while you are young, there is still much that can be done to improve your bone health later in life. With a good diet and exercise program your bone health can still improve despite your age.

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