Be Your Own Valentine

Do you remember sending valentines when you were a child? Can you recall the construction paper-covered shoebox, decorated with glitter and doilies, full of tiny valentines and heart candies? Or perhaps the first serious Valentine’s Day gifts you received, or your first delivery of one dozen red roses?

Receiving a Valentine’s Day gift is a magical experience. It makes people smile, sometimes even feel a bit giddy. After all, this holiday is not about obligatory gifts. When you receive a Valentine’s Day gift, you know the giver cares about you.

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The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution: Doing Nothing

As the New Year approaches, you may already have a short list of habits you would like to break, goals you would like to reach, and other changes you would like to see in your life. You may even have your resolutions written down and posted on the fridge next to your jam-packed calendar, grocery lists and to do lists.

New Year’s resolutions serve a useful purpose: they help us to reflect on our lives and make commitments to create positive changes. But they can also be overwhelming for busy moms who barely have any time to handle the everyday tasks of life.

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