What Is Your Best Time of The Day?

During this time of the year many people have added more to their “to do” list. So how can you best handle the onslaught of additional tasks to an already busy day?

First, you can delegate or eliminate tasks on your lists. I know you feel you are the only one who can do it or no one wants to help you, but do be diligent in letting go of “tasks.”

Second, learn what is your best time of the day to do your most important tasks on your “to do” list.  So you ask, what is my best time of the day? Each person has a different body rhythm and when you know it, you can perform better and get the necessary rest. I’m sure you have continuous demands throughout your day, yet if you know your best time, you use that time to do your most important work. When you become aware of your pockets of low energy, you can schedule work that is not as demanding.

The Body Clock Advantage, by Matthew Edlund, provides information on how to best use your inner clock to get more of what you want in life. Your body clock affects your emotions and everything you do throughout your day. Matthew Edlund provides tools to develop your awareness and solutions to being more productive.

Karen and I are definitely opposites when it comes to body clocks. I don’t call Karen before 9:00 am and she doesn’t call me after 9:00 pm! We have different internal clocks. It’s not that I can’t work after 9:00 pm; I’m just not as effective in my thinking.

There is even research around what time of the day to take your medicine to best support your body. The Body Clock Guide to Better Health: How to Use Your Body’s Natural Clock to Fight Illness and Achieve Maximum Health is a great book by Michael Smolensky and Lynne Lamberg. It provides a holistic view to healing using your body’s natural clock.

You live in your body every minute of the day…what is your best time? You may have a sense when you are most energized or tired, though do you know how to plan your day around your body’s rhythm?

I know you have tons to do right now — just take some time to learn how to best use your body clock for your health and well-being. Curl up with a hot cup of coffee or tea and dig into learning about your body.

Karen & Pat

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