What Is Your Best Time of The Day?

During this time of the year many people have added more to their “to do” list. So how can you best handle the onslaught of additional tasks to an already busy day?

First, you can delegate or eliminate tasks on your lists. I know you feel you are the only one who can do it or no one wants to help you, but do be diligent in letting go of “tasks.”

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Do You Have The Procrastination Bug?

How does procrastination show up in your life?  Do you delay doing something for no obvious reason?  We all know that to optimize our productivity we need to focus on completion.

There is a double problem to procrastination:

–First, we are not doing what we want or need to do.

–Second, this awareness makes our lives more stressful because we don’t feel good about ourselves.

Why do you procrastinate?

Procrastination exists because of habits or beliefs we have about something.  Here are some reasons people procrastinate.  Do you see yourself in any of these points?

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Great Gift Wrapping Ideas

Try some of these interesting ideas when creating your perfect gift. Everyone likes something a little special and creative. And if you’re the one who brought such a gift, even better!

Go Au Natural
Using recycled paper or newsprint can be very festive when using pinecones, cranberries or holly leaves instead of traditional decoration. Raffia can be used as the ribbon. The brown paper with natural accents will appeal to the most eco-conscious friends and family members.

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