5 Powerful Traits to Develop In Your Life

You can think of these traits as the building blocks…the foundation…of your growth into a successful life.  Review these abbreviated traits and decide which one you want to start building into your life.

The Power of Concentration

People make their own world.  The power of concentration enables a person to do better work and to produce the best that they are capable of doing. Concentration is related to persistence and definiteness of purpose and it arises chiefly from being deeply interested in one’s focus.  To cultivate concentration you must think and do only one thing at a time.

By constantly keeping your purpose before you, by bending your energies to it, you can eventually attain your highest goals.  The power of concentration lies in your ability to stay focused with a clear purpose as to what you want to accomplish.

The Power of Self-Confidence

How you think affects every part of your life.  Letting your mind habitually dwell upon thoughts of doubt, failure, and inefficiency will never build your “confidence” muscles.

Indecision is a frequent cause of lack of self-confidence. People hesitate to move forward for fear that they might do the wrong thing.  If you are self-conscious or timid, you are telling yourself that you are afraid.

The building of self-confidence is not difficult, but it requires patience and intelligent effort. You need to embrace the desire to build your self-confidence.  Start small by replacing your negative self-talk with words of encouragement, compassion and self-respect.  Another focus is to start working on one goal, creating specific action steps you will need to take to complete the goal and a plan on when you will complete it.  Confidence breeds confidence.  Each step that you take to build your “confidence” muscles enhances your life.

The Power of Overcoming Self-Consciousness

Do you spend too much time wondering what others think and say?   Are you constantly studying the impression you are making upon people?   This super sensitivity causes you to imagine being criticized, slighted, and unfairly condemned by those who all the while are absorbed in their own affairs.
Self-consciousness can make you do things you don’t want to do. Do you say, “yes” when you really want to say “no”? This behavior robs you of your power and individuality.
Focus your attention firmly upon how great you are…not an imitator of someone else.

The Power of Being Positive

One way to start on the path of managing your thoughts is to add affirmations to your life.    When you are surrounded by negative thoughts, take a few minutes several times a day to focus your attention on your affirmations.

We all have negative thoughts we repeat to ourselves each day.   Do you say, “I am stupid” when you misunderstand something or didn’t see the issue right away?  What about “I am fat or always fail at what I do”?  Whatever negative statements you create, take the time to neutralize them with a more positive perspective.    “I am self-confident,” “I am strong,” “I am capable,” “I am a success.”   These affirmations can be made both silently or spoken aloud, and always say them with deep conviction of the truth behind the affirmation.

The Power of Imagination and Initiative

All of us have imagination…it all depends where we focus our imagination.  Every thing that was created in the world first came from someone’s imagination.

Imagination is a gallery in which we hang pictures, both of what we have done and what we intend to do. We may not always turn these pictures into realities at once, but they are there to interest and encourage us, and to come to our aid when needed.

Fear is destructive for building one’s imagination.  It stops you from playing with ideas or creating a list of possibilities for your life.

We are all creative…we are imagining something most of the time.  Imagination plays in a critical role in your life everyday.  Second in importance to imagination is the ability to initiate and make happen what we imagine.

Final Thoughts

Grab a cup of coffee (or your choice of drink), sit back and decide which trait you want to focus your attention on at this point in your life.    Whatever choice you make will affect the other traits because they are all interdependent on each other. Start slowly and keep moving in a positive direction.

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