Commit to Doing What Needs To Be Done – Add Fun to the List

Do you remember the expression “that all work and no play made Jill a dull girl?” Jill knew that there was a time for play…that was after the work was done.  By setting priorities and goals for yourself and making a dedicated commitment to meet those goals, you benefit from reduced stress levels and increased free time to pursue those things you like to do, or do nothing at all should you choose.  

Write down all the things that need to be done in order of their importance. The greater the importance of the task, the higher it goes on the list.  At the bottom of your “to do” list add your “play time.”   This is a great incentive to get things done. 

Note:   Don’t fill up your day with all work activities…add a play activity, but just at the end of the day…when you can truly enjoy it. 

Resist the feeling of being overwhelmed by a big task.  Break up that “to do” into smaller more manageable tasks.  Create an outline before of all of the parts of the project.  Commit to completing it a segment at a time.  

As you accomplish each part of the outline, check it off. Soon you’ll have a crossed-off outline and one large project effectively and efficiently completed.  This works especially well to tackle the activities you’re dreading the most.  You can easily handle an unpleasant task if you know it’s for a short time and in small doses.  

Note:  Projects can go over a larger span of time…over a week or a month depending on the complexity of the project. 

Use a daily schedule and have it with you all the time. If needed, post reminders to yourself in obvious spots, and commit to others verbally that you’ll complete the project.  Most importantly, commit to yourself that you’ll complete the project.  

Celebrate, pat yourself on the back, smile, and let yourself enjoy the completion of even the smallest of tasks. Don’t minimize your efforts; recognize even the smallest accomplishment.

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  • Denise Poynter Says:

    I like this article. What I do is, to have a list of things I like to do in each day. I prioritise the tasks and usually achieve at least five of these tasks per day. These tasks are usually outside of my normal day to day chores, such as tidy up a garden corner, go hunting for some craft ideas, do some sewing, plan a coffee or lunch with a friend etc. The trick is not to set your goals too high or too hard and be willing to leave a task to another day. Bigger tasks or projects usually go in the ‘long term plan’ or future basket. That way I think about how I am going to achieve the task, I might get advice, ask for manual help or slowly work through the ‘what ever it takes’, point of view. Thank you Denise

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